How to Get the Cat Tower in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp there are a lot of items you can use to decorate your house. However, some items are quite hard to get. How is it with the cat tower? Read the guide, and you will understand.

Cat Tower in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The first thing you need to know is that there are villagers in the game. So, you need to build friendships with them. Of course, you will definitely benefit from this. And to get the Car Tower, you need to have friendships with Punchy on level 15.

Reaching level 15 of friendship might be quite a complicated task. You need to regularly visit Punchy, help him, and share your ringwing with him. Also, you have to collect the friend powder and use it on Punchy. However, you need to keep strong friendships not only with Punchy but with all citizens.

When you successfully have level 15 of friendships, this cat will give you a special request. This quest is pretty easy to do. When you have it done, Punchy will bring you a cat tower recipe.

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So, crafting this tower requires 75 steel, 75 pieces of cotton, 4 cute essences, and 2 sparkle stones. Additionally, you need to spend 9800 bells. Also, if you do not have premium resources, you have to wait 23 hours until the crafting job finish.

When you have this construction finished, you need to talk to the Punchy. He will give you 1000 Bells, 1 Request Ticket, and 1 Calling Card. Also, your friendships will increase by 10 points. It is like cashback for your efforts.

Generally, this item is not worth the effort you put into getting it. So, that is all with Cat Tower in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Hope you find this guide helpful!

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How to Get the Cat Tower in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


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