How to Get the Cat Chronicles in Triangle Strategy


Despite being set in a relatively small world, Triangle Strategy does its very best at flashing it out as much as possible, and it definitely succeeds at making players care about Norzelia and its inhabitants.

Throughout the adventure, Norzelia’s lore is further expanded by optional notes that provide more details on the Saltiron War as well as on the three nations that fought in it. But there is an additional note that adds some hilarious information that all cat lovers will want to unlock.

Here’s how to unlock the Cat Chronicles in Triangle Strategy.

How to Get the Cat Chronicles in Triangle Strategy

The Cat Chronicles, as mentioned above, are unique notes that provide players with some very hilarious information. Once unlocked, players can learn how the cats of Norzelia see humans, information that is both unexpected and quite funny.

Unlocking the Cat Chronicles, unfortunately, is not as simple as unlocking the other notes in the game, as you will need to interact with nine different cats located all over Norzelia. Given how you may never get to explore Aesfrost or Hyzante in a single playthrough, you may need to play through the game multiple times to find all the cats and unlock the chronicles.

You can learn where to find all nine cats in Triangle Strategy to unlock the Cat Chronicles in the table below.

WolffortInside the house with the shield outside
GlenbrookBehind the big tree
AesfrostInside one of the houses in the lower part of the city
HyzanteNear the top of the stairs on the main road, close to a house
Roselle VillageBehind one of the columns near the village’s entrance
TellioreInside the house near the vineyard
Wolffort DocksNear one of the buildings in the upper part of the location
TwinsgateNear the beds in the area where you have to decide if you want to reveal Roland’s identity
Abandoned VillageNear one of the village’s corners, behind a house

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How to Get the Cat Chronicles in Triangle Strategy


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