Despite the fact that racing in Asphalt 9: Legends is fun but completely unrealistic, the cars in this game are taken from the real world, and you will have to purchase them. The list of cars here is wide. All of them are high-speed and each is good in its own way.

How do you get new cars to your collection? Here everything happens a little differently than it was in the previous titles of the series. You won’t be able to just buy them with the main or premium currency. They will have to be unlocked by collecting blueprints.

In turn, you will receive blueprints as rewards. So how do you add the fastest and most expensive cars to your car collection? In this guide, we will give you an answer.

How to Unlock New Cars in Asphalt 9?

Each car in Asphalt 9: Legends is unlocked with a certain number of blueprints. There are several levels:

  • D – for the most simple cars.
  • C, B, A – for more powerful.
  • S – for exotic supercars.

Type C cars are better than D cars unless you upgrade them a lot. The number of blueprints required to unlock a car varies from 12 to 35. Once you have collected the required amount, you do not have to pay anything – the game itself will offer to place the car in your collection.

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Where Can I Find Blueprints in Asphalt 9?

The shortest answer is almost everywhere. A more detailed answer sounds like this: they can be obtained as rewards in career mode and by participating in daily events. If the rewards in the career mode are standard and are visible to you even before the start of the race, then the rewards for events are constantly changing, depending on the car classes.

We recommend that you take part in them. In addition, you can buy packages of blueprints or get them for free every four hours. There are also premium packages that will cost you 65 tokens (the premium currency in the game).

How to Unlock A and S Classes Cars in Asphalt 9

You can afford yourself a lot of cool cars here. The only problem is that it will take some effort. Class A and S cars are unlocked in the same way as other cars, but you have to make good progress in the game to be able to loot them.

The easiest way is to pay attention to the career mode and advance in it level after level. Each such level gives you access to cooler cars. At the same time, you need to improve the level of your garage, doing it as quickly as possible.

Unlike the reputation level, the garage level depends only on the cars in it. An increase in their number and upgrades directly affect its growth, and it, in turn, will give blueprints for the best A- and S-class cars.

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How to Get the Best Cars (A and S Class) in Asphalt 9: Legends


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