How to Get Thaumic Distillate in Warframe

Thaumic Distillate in Warframe is a material you can craft from Thaumica. It is used to craft different things and items, for example, one of Warframes named Xaku. This guide will tell you how to get this material.

How to Get Thaumic Distillate

Thaumic Distillate demands a lot of ingredients from Cambion Drift so you will need to go there. The first thing you need to get is a blueprint to craft Thaumic Distillate. You can buy it from Otak for 4,000 of Entrati Reputation on Entrati syndicate Rank 2: Acquaintance.

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In the blueprint, you will see all the ingredients that are needed to craft Thaumic Distillate. Here is the list of everything you need and the ways to get it:

  • Credits x1,000
  • Thaumica x20. It is a rare ore on Cambion Drift. You will need to seek yellow mineral veins to mine it. If you are going to mine in the Isolated Vault, then the drop chance of rare ores will be increased. The other way to obtain it is a random drop from Requiem Obelisks and Spitia Infested Cysts.
  • Venerol x20. It is a rare resource that you can get via mining red veins on Orb Vallis. Also, you can get it as a drop from any container in the area.
  • Gallium x4. You can get this resource via playing any mission on Mars or Uranus. It may drop from enemies there or special Deposit constructions. Also, you can get it as a bounty for Exterminate missions (Jupiter, Kuva, Lua), Cetus tasks, Sabotage missions (T1, T2, T3, Sealab, Void 1, Void 2), and Conclave matches.
  • Lucent Teroglobe x15. Resources you can get from Vitrific Outcrops on Cambion Drift. Also, it may be a reward for Necralisk Bounties.

Bring all of these resources to the Forge on your ship and you will be able to craft 20 Thaumic Distillate.

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