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How to Get Sundrops in Peridot

How to Get Sundrops in Peridot
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Peridot has a few ways to purchase items and cosmetics using real and in-game currencies. In-game currencies can be bought or earned in a few ways. You can use Gemstones, real money, and Sundrops. Sundrops are one of the in-game currencies which are essential for completing the process of Hatch A Dot where you get to hatch a new Baby Dot. Read on to find out how to get Sundrops in Peridot.

How to Earn Sundrops in Peridot

Sundrops are one of the most important in-game currencies in Peridot as they are used in conjunction with Nests to complete the Hatch A Dot process so you can grow a new Baby Dot. Gather Sundrops whenever you complete Daily and Weekly quests. If you run out of Daily Quests feed Dewdrops to your pet to refresh and get three new dailies and the chance to earn more Sundrops.

Daily and Weekly Quests (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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Sundrops can also be gained as gifts from friends so it is worth adding other Keepers, and by foraging around Habitats. Go for a walk to the nearest Habitat and let your Dot explore, even encouraging them to forage in certain areas. They should come back with some Sundrops.

Forage in Habitats (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The final way to get Sundrops is to purchase them in the Peridot store using Gemstones. Gemstones are earned when you level up as Keeper, as occasionally as daily log in rewards, or in the Peridot Store put together in various bundle ranges.

Sundrops Bundles

  • Purchase 400 Sundrops for 50 Gemstones
  • Purchase 4000 Sundrops for 400 Gemstones
  • Purchase 40000 Sundrops for Gemstones

Other bundles in the store also offer thousands of Sundrops along with other items but they cost real money so that is for dedicated players only!

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How to Get Sundrops in Peridot