How to Get Street Fighter Scrolls in Summoners War


One of the best ways to unlock the new fighter in Summoners War is to use the scroll. The scroll is kind of a box that randomly gives you characters in the game. So, here is the main question. How to get scrolls?

How to Obtain Scrolls in Summoners War

The Summoners War offers different scrolls for us. Every scroll contains different heroes. There are some rare scrolls like Mystical Scroll, which summons the best monsters in a game. At the same time, there are scrolls that are not worth your time like Unknown Scroll. Below you can observe the best ways to get the Street Fighter scrolls. Let’s start!

  1. Buy the scrolls in the shop. You can buy anything that contains these scrolls, from premium packs to special offers. And it does not require your time. However, you ought to wait for the best special offer if you want to spend money more effectively.
  2. Cairos dungeon. Probably it is the simplest free way to get scrolls. And the best scrolls are dropping from Dragon’s Lair, Giant’s Keep, and Hall of Wind. 
  3. Magic shop. The magic shop is the most undervalued thing in the game. Partially it is true, often the magic shop offers overpriced items. But sometimes it can put the Street Fighter scrolls on sale. So, check this shop each time it updates. It is necessary.

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These were the three best ways how to get Street Fighter Scrolls in Summoners War. By following these tips you will definitely get the best fighter soon. Wish you luck!

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How to Get Street Fighter Scrolls in Summoners War


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