Best Arena Offense Team Guide in Summoners War


The arena is one of the most useful places for players. The point is that you get glory points even if you lose the battle. After this, you can purchase the mystical scroll or others in the glory shop by using these points. To win the battle, you need a strong team, so, let’s find out how to get it.

Best Arena Team in Summoners War

The better team you have, the more effectively you participate in arena battles. Therefore, making a powerful team is necessary if you want to earn a lot. And here is one of the best arena teams which will be quite powerful even if you are experienced in the game.

Megan, Lushen, Bernard, Kaki

In this deck, Kaki and Lushen are damaging heroes. So, you have to aim their runes at the damage. However, there is a difference. You have to aim Kaki at full damage, while for Lushen you need some critical damage runes, which make him very powerful. Bernard has to be the fastest monster in a team. Therefore, you have to put some speed and health runes on him. 

Megan has to be the leader. She is an attacker, which has a pretty high natural attack, and it might be quite useful when you are fighting. Therefore, you have to make her a well-balanced character with runes. The best thing about Megan is that she increases the attack power of ally monsters in the arena by 21%. 

While playing the team, use all possible buffs first, and after this perform a massive attack with Lushen and Kaki. That is how it should be done.

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Best Arena Offense Team Guide in Summoners War


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