How to Get Story Keys in Obey Me – Farming Guide


The fans of Obey Me know that for them to get the possibility of reading devilgram story, several types of requirements must be completed. They are:

  • Cards.
  • Intimacy levels.
  • Story keys.

The 1st two-point will be obtained by players while playing the game. The last one unlocks individual story parts.

Suppose there is a story that is not unlocked in the game. If you tap on its first part, you will notice a pop-up disclaimer listing the card and intimacy level needed to get that story. If you hit Get, you will see the list of events and nightmares that can be obtained from that card. Moreover, it can show the list of battle levels that include card pieces.

Are you interested in getting the story keys in Obey Me? This guide lists detailed information on how to obtain this result. Keep reading to find out!

Getting Story Keys in Obey Me – Farming Guide

As soon as you unlock the needed story, you will get the opportunity of opening individual parts with the help of story keys. The 1st part of the story, out of four is free. The price of the 2nd is 3 story keys. The 3rd will require 5 story keys. And the 4th will need 8-10 story keys depending on whether the card is an SSR or UR/UR+). You need to purchase the story part only once.

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So, in case you need to get some story keys, use these locations to obtain them:

  • Pop Quizzes.
  • Devil’s Tree Rewards.
  • Ristorante Six in Jobs.
  • Purchased from Akuzon.
  • Ranking up cards in Devil’s Tree.

Keep reading our guides always to get the needed info! Have fun!

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How to Get Story Keys in Obey Me – Farming Guide


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