5 Things Not to Do For Beginners of Obey Me!


Obey Me! this is a popular game that combines the genres of classic Otome and card RPG. Players will be able to communicate with various characters and learn their stories and feelings. There are many different features in the game. And this guide, we will tell beginners what it is better not to do in the game.

5 Things Not to Do For Beginners

To summon various cards, players can spend certain currencies on special banners. However, you should not spend these currencies on every banner. This applies to Chapter A and Chapter M as it uses Demon Vouchers and Devil Points to summon. Instead, use free summons that are recharged every 48 hours on these banners.

On the Chapter G banner, players can summon cards by spending Grimm. And many beginners spend their money entirely on this banner. However, Grimm is also required to upgrade the cards. Therefore, always keep a reserve of this currency.

One way to increase intimacy is to purchase various surprise guest items on Akuzon. However, they can only be purchased with Ravens or Devil Points. And it will be the worst investment of your money. And since you can increase intimacy without these items, we do not recommend buying them.

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The game has a Quick Clear feature, which allows you not to waste time farming completed stages. However, you should not use this feature. The problem with Quick Clear is that your cards won’t gain experience. Moreover, you will not be able to meet surprise guests, which is necessary to increase intimacy.

Many players focus on one strong character and collect suitable cards for him. However, this would be a mistake as there are various attributes in the game. So, you need to level up at least 3 strong characters with different attributes and suitable cards for them.

That’s all new players shouldn’t be doing in Obey Me! And we hope you enjoyed this guide.

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5 Things Not to Do For Beginners of Obey Me!


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