The Stoneheart Farrah is a legendary character in Fortnite Save the World that players can unlock by progressing a certain event questline. Farrah is a Ninja class character whose abilities are Crescent Kick, Kunai Storm, and Throwing Stars. 

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Many players don’t know how to unlock Stoneheart Farrah in Fortnite Save the World.

Seeing that, we have prepared a handy guide that explains how you can get Stoneheart Farrah in Fortnite Save the World.

How to Get Stoneheart Farrah

You can get the Legendary Ninja Stoneheart Farrah in Fortnite Save the World via the No Dancing event quests. 

Under the No Dancing event quests, we have one quest called I’m Only Dancing. When you complete it, you unlock the character, Stoneheart Farrah.

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I’m Only Dancing is the sixth quest in the No Dancing event questline. You have to play through the previous five quests to unlock I’m Only Dancing. 

For reference, here is a handy table that lists every quest under the No Dancing event questline with their respective rewards in Fortnite Save the World.

Quest Name Quest DescriptionReward
You’re No GoodMajor Oswald has enlisted the help of Farrah to stop the spread of love. Her first suggestion is to deliver disheartening letters to the team of Homebase. Hint: Best found in Urban and Suburban zones. 250 Lunar Tickets
Disco DemolitionRay has convinced Farrah to not destroy Homebase’s capacity for love, instead they are going to destroy dance floors. 50 Gold
LovelessFarrah has commissioned Lars to write a song which captures the anti-love spirit. Help by finding boxes of break-up materials to inspire the musician. 100 Gold
Songs of Hate and HateLars is ready to debut his newest song inspired by the tragic break ups found in the discarded boxes. Deploy speakers in the area to blast the somber tune. 500 Lunar Tickets
Forbidden LoveMajor Oswald isn’t giving up on his mission. Help spread anti-love propaganda by deploying flier cannons. 50 Gold
I’m Only DancingRay wants to convince Homebase that love is worth the risk. The best way to accomplish this is to dance! Hint: Use a dance emote at the marked locations in the area.Legendary Stoneheart Farrah Hero
Leap of FaithLove is back! The love lobbers are also out in force. Eliminate as many as you can to prevent heartbreak. 250 Lunar Tickets
Table Via Fortnite Fandom

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How to Get Stoneheart Farrah in Fortnite Save the World


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