How to Get Starimon in Dislyte: Starimon Guide


Dislyte is a new RPG that you can play on mobile devices. There you will need to collect different characters that are called Espers and use them to form your squad. You will have to use this team against different opponents and if you want to beat the toughest enemies you will have to upgrade your characters.

One of the most important resources for upgrades is called Starimon. This thing helps you to promote your Espers. So, you may want to get as many of these materials as possible. This guide will tell you how to obtain Starimon in Dislyte.

How to Obtain Starimon in Dislyte

Dislyte is an interesting mobile RPG where you have to fight against different enemies. This game has a huge roster of Espers who have different roles. So, you will have to create a team that consists of characters that can make each other stronger. However, at some point, you won’t be able to defeat your opponents only with a well-combined team.

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In order to make your characters stronger, you will have to upgrade them. One of the best ways to do it is to promote your Espers. This feature is available when your Esper reaches the max possible level on the current stage of ascension. So, you will have to ascend this character if you want to continue to level it up.

Starimon are special items that you have to use to promote Espers. These things are divided into three different types that are called Rare Starimon, Epic Starimon, and Legendary Starimon. The first two types are relatively easy to get and you can obtain them from the Tournament Shop, bounties, achievements, expeditions, events, codes, etc. However, the legendary type of this item is problematic to get.

In order to obtain Legendary Starimon in Dislyte, you will have to participate in PvP competitions. There you will be able to obtain a special resource that you can use to buy different items in the Tournament Shop. You can purchase Legendary Starimon in this shop once per week. Also, you can get this item from achievements and course rewards.

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How to Get Starimon in Dislyte: Starimon Guide


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