How to Get More Gold in Dislyte


Dislyte is an amazing gacha game set in a future world where a select few have received the powers of gods and become known as Espers. You can summon many unique espers to your collection, but this is not enough to win. You will need to equip your heroes with powerful relics, having beforehand upgrade them by spending an amount of gold. But earning a lot of gold is not easy, and today we will share some tips to help you get more.

How to Get More Gold in Dislyte


There are many places in the game where you can spend gold, but more often than not, the sums are insignificant and will practically not take away valuable currency from you. You will need the most gold to upgrade relics, and if you decide to upgrade a lot of items at once, you will need an incredible amount of gold.

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By completing various tasks, playing in the story mode, and participating in events, you will receive your reserves of gold, but everyone knows this. Today we are here to learn something new that will help you earn more and faster. We have put together a few tips to help you increase the amount of gold in your game treasury:

  • The first and most important thing you need to remember is to competently allocate your gold. You don’t need to upgrade everything. Decide on a few relics that you will upgrade and gradually raise the level of each of them, and as soon as you are satisfied with the result, start upgrading something new. Remember the rule saved = earned.
  • Go through the stages of practice with the hardest difficulty and you will earn valuable relics. Sell ​​those relics that you do not need and earn gold.
  • Always participate in in-game events, as there you can earn much more gold than in standard game modes.
  • You can also purchase a Game Pass, for which you will receive many rewards and a large amount of gold.

These are all ways to earn more gold that we wanted to tell you about, and if you know other ways, we will be happy if you share them with other players in the comments.

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How to Get More Gold in Dislyte


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