Best Team Compositions in Dislyte


Dislyte features a very nice selection of Espers all coming with their own unique abilities that can be more or less good depending not only on which mode you are playing, but also on the overall team composition. Some skills, for example, synergize well with certain types of characters, so finding the right balance is extremely important to make it out of each of the game’s fights alive and victorious.

Here are the best team compositions in Dislyte.

Best Team Compositions in Dislyte

As mentioned above, it is difficult to pinpoint a single team composition that works great in all of Dislyte’s play modes. Espers that can carry you far in Story mode, for example, may not be as good in the Spatial Tower when attempting to fight Kronos, Fafnir, and Apep in Ritual Miracle. As such, you will want to rotate between your characters depending on the play mode.

Generally, for Story mode you will want to strike a good balance between DPS and Support characters. At the start of the game, you will want to have more Support characters than DPS, but once you have started building your Espers and improving their abilities, you will want to have more DPS characters in your team to dish out more damage and end fights more quickly.

Things are a little different in the Spatial Tower, a play mode that tasks you with completing 100 levels and fighting against various enemy teams. As it can take a long time to beat all 100 levels, you will want to bring DPS characters that can hit multiple enemies at once as well as supportive characters that can keep them alive and buff their abilities. 2 DPS and 3 Support Characters is a good team composition, but you can switch it around depending on the Espers you are using and how you have built them.

As Dislyte has tons of different Espers and tons of different customization possibilities, the team composition detailed above should be treated as the absolute bests, but only as a baseline upon which you can make your own. Experimenting around may make you discover an unexpected yet effective team composition, so do not hesitate to try different things.

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Best Team Compositions in Dislyte


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