How to Get SSR Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy (3)

Tower of Fantasy is the newest video game title in the gacha community. With the enormous success of Genshin Impact, many game developers have been trying to break into the ARPG genre. So far, Tower of Fantasy seems like the only promising candidate. In this gacha MMORPG, players have to obtain SR and SSR weapons termed Simulacra to improve their strength.

Guide to SSR Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, players will find themselves pulling for various unique weapons. Like other gacha titles, these weapons have different rarities: Rare, Super Rare (SR), and Special Super Rare (SSR). Let us understand how you can get those cool and shiny SSR Simulacras in Tower of Fantasy.

Locate Banner Page in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, players can get SSR characters by doing gacha-pulls on either standard or limited-time banners. If you don’t know where the Simulacra banners are located in Tower of Fantasy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your menu by clicking on the option available at the top right of the screen.
  2. Then, click on ‘Special Orders’.
  3. From here, you can access all the available banners in Tower of Fantasy.

To get an SSR weapon/Simulacra, you must pull on the Weapons Galore banner in the Choice Weapons section or the current rate-up banner. But before you go on to pull weapons, you need to understand the gacha-currency in Tower of Fantasy.

Resources for pulling SSR Weapons

Each banner has its type of currency:

  • Black Nucleus – used on Standard banner and has no guaranteed pity
  • Gold Nucleus – used on Standard banner and has guaranteed pity
  • Red Nucleus – used on the time-limited banner and has guaranteed pity

When using Black Nucleus, players have a 0.3% chance of getting an SSR weapon. Gold Nucleus has a 0.75-2% chance of pulling an SSR weapon. Players are guaranteed to get an SSR weapon at 80 gacha-pulls.

Red Nucleus is used for time-limited banners. If a player gets an SSR pull on the time-limited banner, they have a 50% chance to get the rate-up Simulacra. Every pull made using Red Nucleus has a 0.75-2% chance of being an SSR weapon.

That’s everything required to know for pulling SSR weapons. You can make pulls by purchasing nuclei using dark crystals and get them by doing quests and daily bounties.

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How to Get SSR Weapons in Tower of Fantasy


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