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How to Get Snowflakes in Fae Farm

How to Get Snowflakes in Fae Farm
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Snowflakes are ingredients in Fae Farm that you can use to brew the Fireproof Potion to explore the Volcano region safely. Moreover, it is an essential item in the game that serves multiple purposes. But, when it comes to getting Snowflakes, the game doesn’t tell you anything. 

In the wake of that, many players find it hard to obtain Snowflakes, which hinders the experience. So, to help players, we are here with a handy guide detailing how you can get Snowflakes in Fae Farm

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How to Get Snowflakes in Fae Farm

Image Via Phoenix Labs

You can get Snowflakes in Fae Farm via the Mountain Critter Conservatory upon turning critters like Crystal Fly, Frost Dragini, Hail’s Toad, Snow Crab, Frost Root, and Ice Lunk. 

1. Craft the Conservatory

Firstly, you must craft the Mountain Critter Conservatory by pressing the downward arrow key on your keyboard when you are outside, navigate to the Crafting tab, select the Mountain Critter Conservatory, and craft it, granted you have all the required materials. 

2. Catch some critters

Once you have the Mountain Critter Conservatory, head to the icy region, the Mountains, and catch yourself any of the below critters:

Crystal FlyDuring the winter season
Frost DraginiDuring the summer season 
Hail’s ToadDuring any season
Snow CrabDuring the autumn season
Frost RootDuring any season
Ice LunkDuring the spring season 

3. What to do once you catch the critters – turn them into Snowflakes!

Once you have them, process them in the Mountain Critter Observatory, and you will get Snowflakes that you can then use to craft the Medium Fireproof Potion and others or simply sell them for some extra Florins. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Snowflakes in Fae Farm. For more guides on the game, check out our dedicated Fae Farm section

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How to Get Snowflakes in Fae Farm