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How to Get Blue Crab in Fae Farm

It's time to catch the Blue Crab in Fae Farm!

Like any other life simulation game, Fae Farm features a variety of Critters that you can catch and use for different purposes, ranging from using them as gifts or collections to selling them for Florins to farming them for EXP to level up fast. 

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While most of the critters in the game are associated with a particular location and season, some are just rare and hard to find. Among them is the Blue Crab, which many players don’t know how to get or where to find. 

Seeing that, we are here with a handy guide talking about how you can get Blue Crab in Fae Farm. So keep reading. 

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How to Get Blue Crab in Fae Farm

Screengrab Via Finaq

In Fae Farm, you can find the Blue Crab at the Beach location at any time of the day during any season. However, that doesn’t make the Blue Crab a common spawn that you can always find. Instead, unlike most critters in the game who have a 100% spawn during specific times of the day and season, the Blue Crab is a rare critter who only spawns at the Beach. 

So, take your Net tool and head to Beach now and then. If you manage to find the Blue Crab, start swinging your Net, and you will eventually catch it. And if it’s your first time, you will unlock the “Blue Crab Entry” in the Almanac. 

Apart from the new entry, you also get +40 EXP and satisfaction for catching a rare critter in the game. That aside, you can also give the Blue Crab to NPCs as gifts when the need arises. You can also sell it for Florins or store it in your Critter Conservatory. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Blue Crab in Fae Farm. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Fae Farm section

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How to Get Blue Crab in Fae Farm