Cookie Run: Kingdom has a lot of different activities and unlocking Tropical Soda Islands is one of them. In order to progress this game mode and unlock new islands, you will need to use a special currency. Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments are both combined into so-called Sea Rarities, which are the currency you need. This guide will tell you how to get these Sea Rarities in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

How to Obtain Sea Rarities in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Sea Rarities in Cookie Run: Kingdom are the main resource you will need to explore new Tropical Soda Islands. This resource consists of two different items: Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments. There are many ways to obtain these. Keep in mind that you will need an equal amount of both resources, so make sure you have them in balanced numbers.

The first way to obtain Sea Rarities in Cookie Run: Kingdom is Island Stages. These are different stages you can play and re-play in order to get rewards including Sea Rarities. However, this may be not the most effective way to farm them.

The second way to get Sea Rarities is trading. You can trade them in Touc’s Trade Harbor, which is obtainable via a special questline unlocked at Cookie Castle Lv.8. Also, you can buy Sea Rarities from the Seaside Market and Rainbow Shell Gallery.

The last way to obtain Sea Rarities is chests. You will find lots of these in Tropical Soda Island spaces you can uncover. By opening these chests, you can get some Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments.

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How to Get Sea Rarities in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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