Sea Ganoderma is one of many character ascension items that was added in Genshin Impact with the version 1.6 update. It is a flora found in the limited-time area Golden Apple Archipelago. For now, it is only used as one of the ascension materials for the upcoming playable character Kazuha. Who is set to release in the latter half of the version 1.6 update.

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Sea Ganoderman Location: Genshin Impact

One of the best locations to farm Sea Ganoderma is Twinning Isle. There alone, you will find 15 plus Sea Ganoderma. Go to the above player icon location. On the same note, mark the flower icon locations in your map as they denote Sea Ganoderma Location.

Note: We haven’t marked all Sea Ganoderma Location, but only the major ones. Following the beach from any marked location, you will encounter more Sea Ganoderma.

Once you have harvested the Sea Ganoderma from the above-marked location, follow the beach for more.

Make sure to make a round of the Island so that you don’t miss any Sea Ganoderma.

Location 2. Unnamed Isle Left of Twinning Isle

Teleport to the waypoint located on the isle left of Twinning Isle.

Right in front of the teleport waypoint, you will find Sea Ganoderma.

Further down the path, you will find more Sea Ganoderma.

Location 3. Southwest Isle

You will find a pair of Sea Ganoderma on Water Dome Isle.

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