Genshin Impact Midsummer Islands Adventure Part II has given players more ground to cover in the Golden Apple Archipelago area. With the decrease in water level, new isles and areas have popped up. And with that, we have new quests, puzzles, and hidden areas to explore, and much more.

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The water level puzzle is one of the many puzzles that players will come across while exploring the Golden Apple Archipelago. In this guide, we have created short and simple steps with reference images to solve the water level puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Water Level Puzzle

To solve the water level puzzle found on the Broken Isle of Golden Apple Archipelago, players have to set the water level at a certain level using the environment and pressure platform mechanism at five different locations, throughout the Broken Isle.

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Once players are done with that, then they have to activate the central pressure rocks in a certain order to solve the water puzzle and get rewards.

Water Puzzle Mechanism 1

Broken Isle Central Water Puzzle, stand on the downward arrow rocks and set the water level to bottom level. [Hint: Last line will glow]

Water Puzzle Mechanism 2

Broken Isle Leftmost Water Puzzle, break the hydro elemental rock and let it fill the small water well. No need to alter the water level.

Water Puzzle Mechanism 3

Broken Isle Upper Left Water Puzzle – set water level to the middle line.

Water Puzzle Mechanism 4

Broken Isle Rightmost Water Puzzle – set water level to the middle line.

Water Puzzle Mechanism 5

From the fourth water mechanism puzzle, turn left and use an Anemo attack on the Windwheel to create a wind updraft. Travel to the left Island.

Break the rocks stopping the water flow.

Set the water level to last line.

Return to Central Puzzle

To help you out, we have marked the order in which you have to activate the pressure rocks. Or, whatever you call them.

Once you solve this final part of the water puzzle, you will get two Precious chests and One Luxurious chest as rewards.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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