Sakura Bloom is one of the Local Specialty of the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact. It is an item used as a cooking ingredient and as a local character ascension material for the playable character Ayaka. Unlike other gatherable items, players cannot collect Sakura Bloom by normally interacting with it. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can get Sakura Bloom from pink and purple clusters found all around Inazuma.

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How to Collect Sakura Bloom from Pink and Purple Clusters Found Out in The Wild

Similar to Flaming Flower Stamen that we collect in the Liyue and Mondstadt region of Genshin Impact, collecting sakura bloom requires a distinctive way.

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Players have to use electro ability on the Pink and Purple clusters. Once that is done, the Sakura Bloom is ready to be collected. Just use your interact key to collect the Sakura Bloom.

You can use any electro user to collect Sakura Bloom. However, if we have to recommend a character then we will say use Keqing. She is one of the best characters suited for collecting the Sakura Bloom. Sometimes the Pink and Purple clusters are on a height where your attacks might not reach.

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Using Keqing elemental skill, you can aim Keqing’s Stiletto at the Pink and Purple clusters. Since it is electro in nature, you don’t even have to activate it. Just go and collect. If the Sakura Bloom is on height, then activate the Stiletto and then collect the Sakura Bloom in mid-air.

If you don’t know where to find Sakura Bloom, then check out our Genshin Impact guides section. There you will find a complete location guide for Sakura Bloom.

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