Are you struggling to get an S Rank in a map in Ready Or Not despite completing all the given objectives? Do not worry! We have got you covered with our guide on how to get S Rank in Ready Or Not. 

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How to Get S Rank in Ready Or Not

To get S Rank in Ready Or Not, you must complete all the objectives depending on the map while ensuring you do not kill any suspects, even if they are trying to kill you. 

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Most players fail to get an S Rank in any map in Ready Or Not because they complete all the objectives but kill one or two suspects. And when they are on the Rank page, they don’t find any Penalties, just A or A+ Rank. 

And this is where players get confused as to why they didn’t get a perfect S Rank even though they completed every objective for the map. Well! As we mentioned earlier, killing suspects will stop you from getting an S Rank. 

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You see, killing a suspect in Ready Or Not rewards you with just 5 points while arresting the suspects rewards you with 35 points. This is a very minute detail that many players overlook, and as a result, they even use lethal weapons to deal with suspects who are not complying. 

So, if you want a perfect S Rank in every map available in Ready Or Not, you must complete all the objectives like the Mission objective, Suspects reported, Civilians reported, Securing evidence, Dead bodies reported, making sure no officers were injured, and such others. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to get an S Rank in Ready or Not. 

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Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter game currently available on the PC platform via Steam. 

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How to Get S Rank in Ready Or Not


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