Rubies are the premium currency in Mario Kart Tour used to perform gacha rolls to get new karts, drivers or gliders. Players can use five rubies to perform a single gacha pull. In Mario Kart Tour terms, firing the pipe once. For firing the pipe ten times(ten gacha pulls), players have to invest a total of forty-five rubies.

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In the wake of the high demand for Rubies in Mario Kart Tour, players are on the constant lookout for different ways to get Rubies. Since it is a premium currency, it can be bought using real money. But not everyone wants to use hundreds and thousands of dollars on a gacha game.

With that being said, we have compiled a list using which players can get Rubies in Mario Kart Tour.

Best ways to get Rubies in Mario Kart Tour

Here are some of the best ways to get Rubies in Mario Kart Tour.

Get Rubies for free via in-game progression

Did you know? you can get a good number of Rubies for free in Mario Kart Tour. If not, here are the different ways to get Rubies for free by just progressing the game.

Level Up

Leveling up your player level in Mario Kart Tour will reward you will free Rubies.

Complete Challenges

Completing standard challenges in Mario Kart Tour rewards players with free Rubies.

Get Rubies from Tour Gifts

Some of the Tour Gifts in Mario Kart Tour rewards players with free Rubies. So make sure to progress through the game’s campaign at a good pace, if you want a good chunk of Rubies.

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The New York Tour – Mario Cup

Completing Mario Cup rewards players with Rubies in the early game.

Log-in bonus also rewards Rubies

Claiming log-in bonus in a game like Mario Kart Tour is something that you should never miss out. Because, they are easy to get and they reward a variety of in-game items for free, including the premium currency Rubies.

League ranking rewards Rubies

Holding a good rank in the Mario Kart Tour League rankings will reward you with a certain amount of free Rubies, weekly. The amount depends on your rank. So make sure to hold a decent rank for a decent reward.

Exchange event tokens for Rubies

Players can exchange event tokens in the Mario Kart Tour event shop for free Rubies.

Buy Rubies from Store

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There are different packs of Rubies in Mario Kart Tour, which players can buy using real money. There’s also the battle pass like thing called Mario Kart Tour gold pass. It also rewards players with tickets and rubies.

Mario Kart Tour is a kart racing action game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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