How to Get Ronaldo in FIFA Mobile 22

How to Get Ronaldo in FIFA Mobile 22

There are more than 1500 football players in FIFA Mobile 22 that you can get in different ways and add to your team. But among them all, there are those players who are valued more than others. Even those who know little about football and this game know a player like Ronaldo, and today we will tell you how to get this legendary football player in your collection.

How to Get Ronaldo in FIFA Mobile 22

Ronaldo is a TOTY player in 2022 and there are several ways to get him.

The easiest way is to visit the “Transfer market” and buy Ronaldo. In this case, you will need to pay from 20 to 40 million FIFA coins.

The second way to get Ronaldo is to complete the TOTY Pass. At the end of the rewards tape, you can get Ronaldo, but it’s almost impossible to do it for free. If you buy a Star Pass and play hard, you can get Ronaldo and all the other TOTY players. But as we said, for this method, you need to spend real money.

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If you are a diligent player and like to play a lot, you can accumulate enough ATK Points and use them to buy Ronaldo.

There is one more way to get Ronaldo, but it is based on random chances:

  • Go to the TOTY Main tab.
  • Here you can complete the very first task and receive 25 TOTY tokens every 12 hours.
  • After accumulating 150 tokens, you can buy an Attacker pack, from which you can get Ronaldo with a small chance.

Unfortunately, these are all the ways you can get a Ronaldo player. They are all quite difficult, but if you try hard, we are sure that you will succeed.

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How to Get Ronaldo in FIFA Mobile 22


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