How to Unlock Chemistry in FIFA Mobile 22

How to Buy and Sell Players in FIFA Mobile 22

Many factors influence your team’s victory in FIFA Mobile 22, and all of them are very important. Among all features, chemistry is one of the most important factors for your team, after the OVR rating. And if you want to know how to unlock and use chemistry, then today’s article is for you.

How to Unlock Chemistry in FIFA Mobile 22

Chemistry has already appeared in previous games in the FIFA series and it is the most important factor for your team to win. The more connected players in your team, the higher the chemistry. The connection between players can be factors such as belonging to the same game club, league, or country, or they can be associated with a specific event.

To unlock chemistry, you need to reach level 7 in the game. Other than that, chemistry will only buff players who are connected, are elite players, and have reached 80+ OVR.

To increase the chemistry to the maximum, you need to have 11 players connected in the team, and each of them must be in their strongest position on the field.

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How to View Team Chemistry in FIFA Mobile 22

You can look at the chemistry of your entire team and each player individually, and here’s how to do it:

  • Open the “My Team” tab.
  • Next, open the “Starting 11” tab.
  • On the right, you will see your team’s OVR, and next to it will be the chemistry of your players.
  • To see each player’s chemistry, click on the translucent vial icon on the left side of the screen.

We hope that our article was useful for you and now that you have learned more about chemistry, you will win much more often.

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How to Unlock Chemistry in FIFA Mobile 22


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