How to Get Rid of Ghost Girl in Virtual Families 3

How to Get Rid of Ghost Girl in Virtual Families 3

Playing Virtual Families 3, you have no doubt faced a small blonde ghost girl with pigtails. When she appears, your lights will start blinking as if they were mad. We can suppose that the girl probably drowned in the pond near the house. Do you want to get rid of her? Let us help you reach your aim. Keep reading!

​Steps to Take To Get Rid of Ghost Girl in Virtual Families 3

You’ll see Bethany’s discovery found with the help of the footprints: an abandoned doll put on the toy shelf according to the family’s decision. By the way, the discovery may be made not by Bethany only. For example, Brandon can also locate it. What you need is to obtain the doll by crawling in the small opening in the undergrowth.

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Once you find the doll belonging to the girl in Virtual Families 3, you unlock an achievement: completing the toys collection with the reward of 25 coins. Still, there is one more thing that you will achieve. Once you find a doll belonging to the ghost girl in Virtual Families 3, the girl will disappear. You will not see her around anymore! By putting the doll on the toy shelf, you will get rid of the ghost.

Now you know how to make the ghost girl in Virtual Families 3 leave the house. As it is no longer a mystery, open the game and give it a shot: one of the family members should find the abandoned girl in the small opening undergrowth, as this ghost girl was searching for her doll.

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How to Get Rid of Ghost Girl in Virtual Families 3


  1. Where is the small opening in the undergrowth located at in the yard. To find the doll, to get rid of the little ghost girl. In the virtual families 3 game

  2. So this article copied from a YouTube video (and very badly), just look for a video by Gummy Bear. Basically, you have to wait for an event from one of your family members called Discovery (she mentioned she was on generation 15 or so) and a family member will look for it automatically. You don’t need a family member named Bethany or Brandon, and it doesn’t give you the achievement, it was just the last toy in the collection for Gummy Bear.


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