How to Dig In Virtual Families 3

How to Dig In Virtual Families 3

Being a player of Virtual Families 3 is fun but not easy as sometimes your desires cannot be implemented into life at the exact moment. For example, you may need to perform some actions (like digging), still notice that this function is not active. If you wonder why you cannot start this action, we have an answer for you! In this article, we will highlight how you can dig in Virtual Families 3. Let’s check!

​Virtual Families 3: How to Activate the Digging Function

So, the secret of digging function activation in Virtual Families 3 is revealed! To get the opportunity to start digging, you will need to check the Flee Market regularly. The reason is in the certificate that you might randomly get there. In this Market, you will constantly be getting multiple certificates, enabling you to activate many special functions while playing.

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If you aim to dig in Virtual Families 3, you will need to go to the dirt mound and collect various collectibles. This way, you will obtain a rockhound certificate. And in its turn, the certificate will activate the digging function for you. To sum everything up, if you want to collect the items from the ground or dig them, go and get the rockhound certificate with no postponing!

Now you know how to dig in Virtual Families 3. It is not a secret anymore; open the Flee Market and check for the needed certificate! Good luck!

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How to Dig In Virtual Families 3


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