BitLife is a mobile life simulator game that provides you with all kinds of opportunities. You can become a rich person, a poor person, or someone who has contracted various illnesses. This includes all different types of diseases, some of which are not easy to cure. Genital herpes is an especially problematic one, so it’s quite disastrous to be infected with this disease. This guide will tell you how to get rid of genital herpes in BitLife.

How to Cure Genital Herpes in BitLife

Currently, there are no guaranteed ways to cure genital herpes in BitLife. The developer removed this opportunity from the game in one of the patches and made genital herpes no longer curable with standard medicine. However, if all these doctors in white clothes can’t help you, there’s another method you can take.

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In case you desperately want to cure genital herpes in BitLife, you can use the service of a witch doctor. Some people consider this person to be a quack, but there is a possibility he can help you. In order to cure genital herpes in this game, you’ll need to find the witch doctor and ask for assistance.

This option will provide you with a strange medicine, such as donkey penis, green bubbling liquid, Chihuahua hair, or even monkey ejaculate. You should be careful with treatment like this as it seems to be random. Different players on the Internet claim that their characters were either cured from this treatment or died from it, so use this option only if you are really desperate.

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