How to Cure Cancer in BitLife

How to Cure Cancer in BitLife

A fantastic life simulator game called BitLife unites millions of players around the globe. Here, you can make the right choices or horrify your parents with your actions. This is the first life simulator game with such a real resemblance to adult life—even the in-game diseases are realistic!

​Steps to Take To Cure Cancer in Bitlife

This game is a life simulator. Players face the same diseases as people in real life, and cancer is one of them. The character may get cancer of stomach, lung, ovarian (occurs in only female characters; game calls it cancer of the ovary), mouth, penile (occurs only in male characters), vaginal (occurs only in female characters), brain, heart, skin, eyeball, kidney, etc.

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If this happens, an icon will pop up in the workshop Disease, notifying a player that they were diagnosed with cancer of … (a specific body part will be indicated).

At first, you will need to go to the doctor. In the workshop Treatment, please schedule a visit to the emergency room. After that, please choose the workshop Doctor once again and hit the tab Medical Doctor. Choose the doctor, and he (she) will outline treatment for your character. If cancer is not cured, continue choosing the tab Medical Doctor again and again until you see the disclaimer that your character is no longer suffering from cancer.

Another option is to visit a witch doctor. Still, we need to warn you that this option is somewhat risky.

Let your character get well soon after following our instructions!

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How to Cure Cancer in BitLife


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