How to Have Triplets in BitLife

If you have ever tried playing BitLife, there are some achievements there that you can get quickly, and the achievements that are pretty tough to get. If you decided to get pregnant and give birth to three kids, it would not be a quick and straightforward process. Still, if you are ready to try getting pregnant again and again, you will succeed. Let us help you to expedite this process; just check our instructions below.

​Actions to Take To Get Triplets

To start the whole process, you will need to be more than 40 years old. On your screen, please find the option Fertility (it is located right under Activities). After opening it, you will need to choose the IVF option and get pregnant. After that, please age up and check whether you succeeded in getting triplets. You can repeat the whole process multiple times until you get the desired result.

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Let us share a trick with you to rush the whole process. The trick is that you will need to close the application multiple times to reset what happens. We mean that if the IVF treatment doesn’t bring you the desired result, please log out of the BitLife application completely. Once you open it again, there will be no records about the IVF treatment at all. Repeat all the actions again and again until you get pregnant with triplets. After that, close the prompt. This will set that you have succeeded.
Now you know how to get pregnant with triplets in BitLife. If you dream of this, don’t lose time. Go and get it!

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