How to Get Rainbow Weapons in Chrono Cross


The fans of Chrono Cross inquire about the ways of getting Rainbow Weapons.

Generally speaking, one can obtain them through forging at a Blacksmith’s or utilizing the Smith Spirit. There are some requirements for getting the needed this type of equipment. These basic units include Recruit Zappa, S.S. Zelbess, Defeat the 6 Dragons, Complete Fort Dragonia (Home World), Return to Marbule (Home World) with Zappa, Buy Master Hammer, Equip Master Hammer to Zappa, and Talk to Another World Zappa.

Are you curious about getting more details? Great! This guide will comprehensively cover the topic. Keep reading!

Getting Rainbow Weapons in Chrono Cross

The first step is recruiting Zappa. Visit his Smithy in Termina (Home World) with Radius at your party.

The second step is to complete S.S. Zelbess. So, defeat the Sage of Marbule, please speak to Nikki and agree to clear Marbule of ghosts.

The third step is to defeat the 6 Dragons: Green Dragon     (Gaea’s Navel (Home World)), Sky Dragon (Sky Dragon Isle), Water Dragon (Water Dragon Isle), Earth Dragon (Earth Dragon Isle), Fire Dragon (Mount Pyre), Black Dragon (Marbule (Another World)).

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The fourth step is to complete Fort Dragonia (Home World) and get the victory over  Dark Serge. Then you will get the possibility to get Master Hammer.

Then please return to Marbule (Home World) with Zappa and buy Master Hammer.

Equip Master Hammer to Zappa and Talk to Another World Zappa by entering the cave. Then purchase Master Hammer for 10,000G.

After completing the previous steps, equip Hammer to Zappa and grab him to Termina (Another World). Speak to another World’s Zappa with Home World Zappa at your party and watch the two blacksmiths forge a Rainbow Weapon.

This is when they will let you know that you can forge rainbow equipment!

Forge the needed type of equipment at a Blacksmith’s or with the help of the Smith Spirit. Enjoy!

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How to Get Rainbow Weapons in Chrono Cross


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