How to Get Raft Unstuck in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep life raft
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If you got stuck on a remote island after a plane crash, a raft would be one of the most important items that you could have. It might not be enough to sail the long and treacherous distances of the Pacific Ocean to your ultimate rescue, but it would be more than useful for exploring your immediate area.

So, what can you do if your raft gets stuck on some rocks in Stranded Deep, a realistic survival game where you have to rely on your wits and resourcefulness to live to see another day? Should you just curl up and surrender to your poor fate?

No, you don’t have to. There is a solution to this problem, and this guide will help you get the raft unstuck in no time.

How to Get the Life Raft Unstuck in Stranded Deep

Since the game became available on PC in 2015, players have experienced issues with stuck rafts. Over time, several solutions have been devised, and we bring you the most straightforward fixes.

Reload the Game

One of the most obvious solutions would be just to reload your latest save before you encountered this problem. However, if you haven’t saved your progress often enough, you may not be happy about sacrificing everything you’ve accomplished until that point.

Drag and Push the Raft

Another option to get your raft unstuck is to do what you would do in real life—drag it and push it around until it’s free. You will have to approach it, and depending on where it got stuck, you may need to get in the water. When you’re close to the raft, grab it using the right click/L2/LT and move around until you get it unstuck.

One of these approaches should work, and you should now be on your merry way, ready to explore. Need more Stranded Deep help? Check out our guide on how to start a fire or our top 5 tips for surviving in this game.

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How to Get Raft Unstuck in Stranded Deep


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