Top 5 Tips To Help You Survive in Stranded Deep


Stranded Deep is an open-world survival crafting game. You’re relaxing in your private jet, when all of a sudden a huge hole rips into the jet, and the next thing you know it, you’re in the ocean. You’ll need your wits about you to survive this adventure, so here are our top 5 tips to help you survive in Stranded Deep!

The Top 5 Tips for Surviving in Stranded Deep

Much like other survival crafting games, Stranded Deep puts a lot of emphasis on trial and error, as there are a lot of things that you won’t know unless you experience them for the first time. To help you stay alive during your adventure, here are some helpful hints.

1. Secure Food and Water ASAP!

If you’re new to Stranded Deep, the game will start off with a helpful tutorial that will get you up and running with a small base. One of the buildings you’ll construct is a Water Still, which automatically collects water for you, as long as you provide it with either Palm Fronds or Fibrous Leaves.

Besides the random coconuts you can get from the Palm Trees, the Water Still is the only other way to get drinkable water. It’s important to keep it supplied with preferably Palm Fronds, as you’ll need a ton of Fibrous Leaves to make Lashings.

Small crabs are fairly common, and they go down in one hit from your knife, making them a source of easy food. Just be absolutely sure not to eat them raw, as you’ll poison yourself.

If there aren’t any crabs spawning, craft yourself a Fishing Spear, which requires 1 Wood Stick. Swim into the shallow waters and spear the small fishing roaming around for more easy meals. You won’t need to look far, as there are plenty of fish in the sea.

This should have you covered for the early portion of Stranded Deep, in terms of sustenance and water. You’ll find better methods of securing rations later on in the game.

2. Keep an eye on your smartwatch!

Your smartwatch contains vital information about your character. You can see your four main stats: health, hunger, thirst, and SPF. You can cycle through different screens to see your skills and active status effects.

Every time something requires your attention, your watch will beep, so make sure to be listening for it. If your character is behaving oddly or if something is draining your health, check your watch, as it’ll tell you what’s going on.

It’s very important to take care of any negative status effects you might be experiencing. Many of the negative effects in Stranded Deep do not go away on their own, and must be dealt with. Here’s a couple you’ll encounter early on:

  • Bleeding: Taking too much damage will cause you to bleed. Stronger enemies, like sharks, can make you bleed easily. Must be treated with a bandage.
  • Poison: Touching or getting attacked by poisonous creatures. Must be treated with an antidote made from Pipi Plants.
  • Diarrhea: Eating too many coconuts in a short period of time will give you the runs. Your thirst meter drops to zero and this lasts for a few days.
  • Sunstroke: You’ve been in the sun for too long, and you become thirsty much quicker. Find shade or shelter—you’ll know you’re in it when the UV reads NONE—and wait for your SPF meter to refill.

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3. Beware even the shallow waters!

If you hadn’t guessed already, recklessly swimming out into open waters is not a good idea. The reason being is that the game will start spawning sharks near you, many of which are aggressive and attack on sight.

They can even bite you and drag you around, which makes you run the risk of drowning. Never go into open waters without a plan and some tools to fend off the sharks!

With that said, don’t think that the nearby coasts are clear, either! There are a few sea creatures that hang out in shallow waters that you want to watch out for, as touching them will poison you, which is one of the nastiest status ailments in the game.

Poisonous sea stars are the death of many new players. They look like bright purple stars, but thankfully they don’t move that much. Just keep an eye below you when you’re wading around shallow waters to make sure you don’t step on them.

In addition to the sea stars, there are also sea snakes and lionfish. Sea Snakes have white and black stripes, and lionfish look really prickly. Neither of these creatures will actively chase you, but bumping into them will poison you. Be aware of your surroundings!

Should you contract poison, you’ll need to craft an antidote with a Pipi Plant. This is a plant that’s found randomly on islands, and it’s somewhat uncommon, so it’s best to just avoid poison altogether.

4. Grow your own crops!

The most basic farming plot only requires 1 Lashing and 4 Wood Sticks, and it’s important that you make one as soon as you can.

You’ll quickly realize that Fibrous Leaves are essential, as they’re used in pretty much all the crafting recipes in the game. You can get four of them if you chop down a Yucca Tree.

Chopping down a natural Yucca Tree will provide you with a Yucca Fruit, which can be planted in a Farming Plot to grow your own. You’ll need to supply fresh water, so make sure your Water Still is ready.

Once the tree is fully grown, you can chop down like normal. It’ll eventually regrow again, as long as you keep the plot watered.

You can grow all sorts of things, not just trees! You can plant potatoes, aloe, and the like. Just have to remember to keep the plots watered.

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5. Build a raft and sail around!

Once you’ve got a small base going, it might be time to move out and search the surrounding islands. You can probably see a few islands out in the distance from the one you started on.

If you’re working fast, you’ve probably exhausted your island’s natural resources. Some things respawn after a few days, like saplings, trees, and fish, but other things don’t, like rocks.

You’ll have to venture out to other islands to find what you need, and that’s where a raft comes into play. Sure, you can also just use your life raft, but that thing is very slow, and it takes forever to get anywhere.

Besides, you can even build on your raft to make it a mobile base of sorts! Rafts cost a lot of resources, but they’re worth it. Make sure to start off with a simple but sturdy one, as sharks will attempt to flip you over.

Start exploring new islands, and you’ll eventually come across shipwrecks, which you can actually explore. These shipwrecks often contain helpful and rare items within, but just watch out for sharks and other hazards.

With that, you have a solid foundation for surviving through the world of Stranded Deep. There’s lots more to discover, so get out there and explore the ocean! If you have any other helpful tips for surviving in Stranded Deep, let us know in the comments below!

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Top 5 Tips To Help You Survive in Stranded Deep


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