How to Get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom


Radiant Shards are an important resources in Cookie Run: Kingdom in such that players will require them in order to unlock new Disciple Slots in the game’s Hall of Ancient Heroes. And while it’s entirely possible to purchase Radiant Shards with real money, there are also methods that you can use to get them for free.

So while some players prefer to waste no time in getting Radiant Shards by spending real money, this guide is meant to help free-to-play players on how to get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

How to Get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom

Story Missions

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, story missions act as the most straightforward way of earning Radiant Shards and you should try to complete them. Also, missions that usually award players with this resources have “Radiant Shard” in their titles which makes them easy to identify.

Seaside Market


The Seaside Market is also another place that players who are on the hunt for more Radiant Shards should set their sights on. You can exchange Aurora Bricks for this resource at the market every six hours after it was added to the May 27th Cookie Run: Kingdom update.

Fountain of Abundance

This is one of the easiest ways of getting Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom. You can get free Shards by simply checking this facility throughout the day. You might also use this opportunity to upgrade the Fountain if it isn’t already in its maximum level.

The Medal Shop


This is another place where you can get Radiant Shards without spending any real money. The Medal Shop can be accessed through the Kingdom Arena and the exchange rate is 300 Medals of Victory for 100 Radiant Shards. You can purchase 600 of them each time the shop resets.

Tree of Wishes


You can get Radiant Shards from the rewards chests found at the Tree of Wishes. So do keep an eye on the kingdom facility that’s located right next to the Kingdom Castle.

There are other ways of getting Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom, some of which you will even discover on your own as you play. And while the most obvious way of getting as much Radiant Shards is by spending real money, the above methods will help you get a certain amount of Radiant Shards for free.

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How to Get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom


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