How to Get and Use Time Jumpers in Cookie Run Kingdom


Time Jumpers are one of the most useful items in Cookie Run Kingdom, as it helps players to save valuable items in the game. However, a lot of players do not know how to use Time Jumpers or even what they do in Cookie Run Kingdom.

So in this article, we’ll be going over how to get Time Jumpers in Cookie Run Kingdom as well as how to use them in the game.


Time Jumpers in Cookie Run Kingdom are used to let players automatically and instantly pass levels and obtain rewards without manually playing through the levels. Consider it like a form of auto-play for strategy games, only it’s faster and much easier.

Players can also use them to clear world exploration stages, cookie alliances, tropical soda islands, and bounties. So if you use Time Jumpers to clear a stage, it’s the same as playing it manually.

How To Get Time Jumpers In Cookie Run Kingdom

There are many ways to get Time Jumpers in the game and some of the best ways is from the Medal Shop, Balloon Dock, Events, Rainbow Shell Gallery, and even via Coupon Codes.

How To Use Time Jumpers In Cookie Run Kingdom

To use Time Jumpers, you will need to first clear the particular stage you wish to use Time Jumper on. So for instance, once you’ve cleared a stage manually, a Time Jumper button will appear close to the “battle” button.

You can now tap on the Jumper to use the feature as many times as you want on that particular stage.

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How to Get and Use Time Jumpers in Cookie Run Kingdom


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