COD Mobile rewards players with free Camos for mastering weapons. Players can unlock free Camos by completing different challenges like getting a set number of kills, performing headshots, maintaining killstreaks, and others. 

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However, COD Mobile has two special Camos, namely the Gold and Platinum Camo—which are very difficult to unlock, and not many players are aware of how they can unlock these two Camos. 

With that in mind, we have prepared a handy guide that shares details on how to unlock the Platinum and the Gold Camo in COD Mobile. 

How to Get Platinum Camo in COD Mobile

To unlock the Platinum Camo in COD Mobile, players have to unlock the Gold Camo for all guns of any particular gun type. 

So, suppose you want to unlock the Platinum Camo of any of your favorite AR rifles. To unlock the Platinum Camo, first, you have to unlock all the Camos for every available AR in the game. Doing so will unlock the Gold Camo for the ARs. 

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Once you have the Gold Camo for every AR, you will automatically unlock the Platinum Camo. 

Now you may understand why we said that unlocking the Platinum Camo in COD Mobile sound easier than done. It involves a lot of grinding and skill. As to unlock the different lower rarity Camos, you have to complete different challenges using that particular gun. 

COD: Mobile is a widely popular free-to-play action multiplayer game currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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How to Get Platinum Camo in COD Mobile


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