How to Tell if Someone Has Aimbot in COD Mobile

COD Mobile
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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular free-to-play first-person shooters for mobile devices. The game provides players with dynamic gameplay and a huge amount of varieties of situations you may encounter in each match. There you will be able to participate in different matches and these can be very competitive. However, there is a possibility that you encounter a cheater that uses aimbot. This guide will tell you about these players and how to detect their aimbot in Call of Duty Mobile.

Aimbot in COD Mobile

Aimbot in Call of Duty Mobile is a classic hack that lots of hackers use in different shooter games. The thing itself allows you to play with comfort without aiming at your opponents. So, the hack is able to aim instead of you. Fighting against someone who uses an aimbot is nearly impossible due to the fact that this person is able to shoot you immediately and doesn’t leave you a small chance to fire back. However, hacks like this are always forbidden and the developers try to punish the users of these cheats.

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How to Detect a Hacker with Aimbot in COD Mobile

Aimbot is a very flexible hack that is able to act differently. Hackers that use it in the wrong way can be easily detected by looking at their moves. Those who made their aimbot too sensitive will be able to change their angle of view immediately and land a very precisive shot. However, detecting a hacker that is able to successfully pretend to be a normal player always has been a problem. So, there is no exact hint on how to tell a good player from such a hacker, and the situation is getting worse if you have a high ping number.

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How to Tell if Someone Has Aimbot in COD Mobile


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