The Perpetual Heart is a character ascension material in Genshin Impact that was added to the game with version 2.0 Inazuma update. Players can use the Perpetual Heart to ascend Kamisato Ayaka. And, with her banner currently out, many of the new players are wondering how to get this perpetual heart.

How to Get Perpetual Heart

The Perpetual Heart is a drop item from the newly added normal boss, Perpetual Mechanical Array. Players have to find and defeat the perpetual mechanical array. Then use resins to claim the rewards, among which one is the perpetual heart.

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To reach the perpetual mechanical array boss, you have to travel to Jinren Island, located on the North-side of Narukami Island. There you will find a portal in the sky – with the help of Electrogranum, you can take that portal. It leads directly to the perpetual mechanical array boss arena.

As we mentioned earlier, defeat the perpetual mechanical array boss. Once you do that a Trounce blossom will appear.

Interact with the Trounce Blossom and it will ask 40 Resins for claiming the reward. Use 40 resins and you will get the perpetual heart.

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You need a good amount of perpetual heart to ascend Kamisato Ayaka. Gladly, the boss will respawn. You just have to leave the arena do something in the open world or just teleport from one location to other. After a few minutes, use the same method to reach the boss arena, defeat the perpetual mechanical array, claim the reward.

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