Peridot is one of the gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can get early in the game. You will need it for completing tasks, giving as gifts, earning Star Coins, and other things. This guide will share detail on how to get Peridot in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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How to Get Peridot in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find Peridot by mining the black rocks in the Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadows area of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The same goes for its more rare variant, the Shiny Peridot. Keep mining in the said areas, and you will get them eventually. 

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To get more Gems while Mining in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can take any NPCs with the Mining role with you, as having them will increase the chances of getting extra Gems. 

To mine a mineral deposit, select the Royale Pickaxe and aim till it turns greyish. Then you can press the respective key to mine the deposit. (On PC it’s the right mouse button)

How Much Peridot Sells For in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Peridot sells for 200 Star Coins at any of the Goofy’s stalls. Meanwhile, the Shiny Peridot sells for 800 Star Coins. 

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on the PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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How to Get Peridot in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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