Nunchuks in COD Mobile Season 10

COD Season 10 sees the addition of a new melee weapon in the form of Nunchuks. The developers actually introduced the nunchuks during the end of Season 9, and it could be unlocked by simply getting 50 melee kills.

However, there was no official mention of the nunchuks weapon in Season 9, so it’s unclear what the case actually was. Now, though, you can officially get the melee weapon in COD Season 10. This COD Mobile guide will help players unlock nunchuks COD Mobile Season 10.

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How to get the Nunchuks in COD Mobile Season 10?

To unlock Nunchuks in COD Mobile Season 10, you will have to take part in the ‘Hand to Hand’ combat event in the Seasonal events in the game. Completing all of these missions will reward you with Nunchuks in COD Mobile Season 10.

The regular version of the Nunchuks has a black body design with gold hilts and a chain. You can’t customize it, as there are no skins available in the game as of now. However, by grinding the game, you can unlock completionist camos for the Nunchuks, like the Damascus, Diamond, or Gold camo. With that said, here are all the missions that you need to complete in order to get the Nunchuks in COD Mobile Season 10:

  • Play five multiplayer matches.
  • Kill 25 enemies in multiplayer matches.
  • Earn the Knockout medal five times in multiplayer matches.
  • Kill 20 enemies with the Fast Recoverer and Quick Fix perks equipped.
  • Kill 10 enemies with the Prizefighters with the Fast Recover and Quick Fix perks equipped.
  • Win five multiplayer matches with any Nunchuks (you need Nunchuks to be equipped till the match ends).

These missions are fairly easy and can be completed in just a few rounds. You can show off the new melee weapons in the game and get some cool kills.

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