Every Battle Pass Free and Paid Cosmetics in COD Mobile Season 10

COD Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass rewards

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is here and so are the new Battle Pass rewards. There are 50 tiers in this season’s Battle Pass composed of both the free and the premium tiers. The Season 10 Battle Pass has new weapon camos, operator skins, weapon blueprints, operator skills, and a ton of other rewards for players. 

You can get the SVD sniper rifle for free as part of the free tier Season 10 Battle Pass rewards. If you have the premium Battle Pass, don’t forget to unlock the new Stansfield Operator skin. With that said, here are all the free and premium Battle Pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 10.

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Every Battle Pass reward in COD Mobile Season 10 listed

Before we go on to list every reward, one fair advantage of getting the premium Battle Pass is that you will get all the COD points back if you unlock all fifty tiers of the Season 10 Battle Pass. 

All free tier COD Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass rewards

  • Desperado – Tattered
  • Ninja – Tattered
  • Spotter – Tattered
  • Operator Skill – Orbital Strike
  • HS0405 – Paranoid
  • Mechanic – Tattered
  • New functional weapon – SVD sniper rifle
  • Outlaw – Paranoid
  • M16 – Paranoid
  • Charm- Gilded Marksman
  • HG 40 – Death Array
  • Sticker – A Cavalier Attitude
  • ATV – Tattered
  • Hades – Paranoid
  • Clown – Tattered
  • Calling Card – Five Finger Fillet

All premium tier COD Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass rewards

  • Templar – Unredeemed
  • LK24 – Vanquished
  • Calling Card – Path of Ashes
  • Charm – Extra Special Edition
  • Wingsuit – Death Array
  • Refitter – Death Array
  • SMRS – Death Array
  • AS VAL – Tagger
  • Alice – Rime
  • Emote – Failed Escape
  • Parachute – Death Array
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Death Array
  • Renetti – Death Array
  • Antelope A20 – Death Array
  • Scout – Tattered
  • KRM-262 – Silent Reaver
  • Yegor – Needleworked
  • Rewind – Death Array
  • PP19 Bizon – Hidden Prowler
  • Man-O-War – Death Array
  • Sticker – Red Faced
  • Backpack – Spade
  • Muscle Car – Death Array
  • Stansfield – Default Uniform
  • SVD – Black Ironwood
  • Frame – Street Art
  • Avatar – Conspire

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Every Battle Pass Free and Paid Cosmetics in COD Mobile Season 10


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