How to Get Mother Witch in Clash Royale

How to Get Mother Witch in Clash Royale

Introduced in Clash Royale Season 18, Mother Witch is a Legendary card costing four elixirs to use and curses every enemy she touches for 5 seconds. This mechanic transforms the enemy troop into a cursed hog if it dies during the curse’s duration. These hogs have slightly less health and damage than a Royal Hog and will directly attack your crown tower. In this article, we will explain how players can unlock the Mother Witch in Clash Royale.

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How to Get Mother Witch in Clash Royale

The Mother Witch is a Legendary rarity card that you can unlock in Clash Royale from the Legendary Arena (Arena 15). After reaching this arena, the card can be unlocked via Legendary chests, bought from the in-game shop. The Mother Witch is the only troop with “Witch” in the name that doesn’t spawn troops and instead depends on the enemy’s troops to spawn them.

The cursed Hogs cannot be inflicted with a curse, but the Mother Witch herself can be. Furthermore, you cannot stack the curse effect. For example, using two Mother Witches won’t spawn two royal hogs from a single enemy and only one Cursed Hog would spawn.

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How to Get Mother Witch in Clash Royale


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