How to Counter Mega Knight in Clash Royale – Guide and Tips


Clash Royale is an exciting real-time strategy game. Players fight one on one on a small map using various units. The game has a huge selection of units, and this allows players to create a variety of tactics. But there are units with absolutely cheating abilities. And in this guide, we will tell you how to counter such a unit.

How to Counter Mega Knight 

Mega Knight just belongs to such a group of units. His ability allows him to attack your units up to 5 tiles away. He jumps and lands on ground units dealing massive damage. That is why he has become so popular. However, his ability is also his weakness. Mega Knight cannot make this jump attack if there are units near him. And apparently, the only good tactic against him is to use tanks.

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We recommend using PEKKA since this unit is one of the few that can survive in front of Mega Knight. In fact, PEKKA is the best unit for this purpose. And if you use additional flying units, you can quickly deal with Mega Knight.

However, you need to deploy units in time. If you use your PEKKA before the enemy deploys the Mega Knight, then you are considered a loser. This is because PEKKA costs a lot of Elixirs, and the enemy can place their Mega Knight away, which will ruin the whole strategy. You can still use Knights or Golems, but they won’t last as long as PEKKA. That’s all you need to know about how to beat Mega Knight.

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How to Counter Mega Knight in Clash Royale – Guide and Tips


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