If you are a fan of Minecraft, most likely you have faced the blocks of stones that contain moss inside their cracks, called mossy cobblestone. Usually, players use it for crafting. Sometimes mossy cobblestones are used as blocks for building something. In this article, we will cover the ways how you can get this type of stone.

​Ways to get Mossy Cobblestone in Minecraft

If you search for the mossy cobblestone, there are two ways for you to get it. We will describe both of them, and you will choose the best one for you.

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The first way is to make it yourself. Let us guide you through this process! To create the mossy cobblestone, you will need to have the following materials:

  • Cobblestone (one piece).
  • Vines (also one piece).

So, please open the Crafting Menu, then the table with a 3×3 grid, and put the above-listed materials on it this way: put vines in the middlebox of the first line and cobblestone in the second line right under the vines. Right after that, the mossy cobblestone will pop up near the table.

How to make a moss stone in Minecraft

The other option to obtain the mossy cobblestone is to detect it around you. There are unique places where you should search for this stone. They are plains, dungeons, jungle temples, underwater ruins, zombie villages, snowy taiga, or forest rocks in the giant tree taiga biome.

Now you know both ways to get the desired stone. Please choose the best way for you and get it! Good luck.

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