At the bottom of every world generated in Minecraft lies a thick layer of the toughest material in the entire game: Bedrock. Bedrock is the indestructible crust that lines the core of the world, and it’s got the sturdiness to prove it. Today, we’re here to answer the question: can you mine Bedrock in Minecraft?

Can you Mine Bedrock?

As we mentioned, Bedrock is the toughest block in all of Minecraft, so it’s no surprise that you cannot mine Bedrock, at least not by normal Survival mode rules. Bedrock exists at the deepest layer of any Minecraft world, which is around y layer -64.

Not even a fully enchanted Netherite Pickaxe or TNT can get through Bedrock. It is possible to acquire Bedrock through several glitches or commands, but you are not intended to have access to it. Beyond the layer of Bedrock is a giant empty void of nothingness, and anything that falls into it will quickly die.

Look up as you fall into the void, and you’ll see the hole you fell from. It’s quite dark, no?

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In Creative mode, you can place and break Bedrock blocks just like any other block. You can fly around the void safely, but make sure not to go too deep, otherwise you’ll die just as you would in Survival mode.

And there you have it: Bedrock cannot be mined in Survival mode—through legit means, that is—but it can be freely accessed in Creative mode. If you have any other questions about Bedrock, let us know in the comments below!

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