How to Find Amethyst in Minecraft

Have you tried finding the new item added in Minecraft 1.17 called amethyst? It is a unique geode and new type of ore located in the deep caves of the overworld.

Amethyst is a rare purple newest rock, and it is rather hard to get it. Gamers do not know a lot about amethysts, and this article will cover all the available information on how to find amethysts in Minecraft.

​Where to Find Amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst is located underground of the overworld. The crystals are in the small caves with the smooth basalt outside casing. You can find such caves while exploring the beach. You will recognize them as the smooth basalt will be sticking out, reminding a sore thumb. Additionally, you will find amethysts under Y level 70 and along the way down to bedrock. You will not confuse them with anything else, as amethysts have smooth basalt before anything purple.

​What Is Amethyst Geode?

Those who search for the amethyst crystals should search in amethyst geodes (small caves of the overworld underground under Y=70 to bedrock level). Amethyst geodes have three layers: smooth black basalt, white calcite, amethyst blocks, air, and amethyst crystals. So, the third layer is the place where you can obtain the usable amethyst.

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So, amethyst crystals work like plants in Minecraft: they should go through four stages to become fully formed crystals. At first, they will look undeveloped and small and will not drop anything. You will be able to get something from the undeveloped crystals with a silk touch.

The amethyst cluster is the name of the fourth stage of the crystal’s growth. This crystal will give you four amethyst shards. Keep in mind: they can only be dug using an iron pickaxe. Also, we recommend you use a fortune enchantment or a silk touch while digging up amethyst crystals.

So, we have covered how to find amethyst in Minecraft. Now go and get it!

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