How to get More than One Star in Pikmin Bloom


Pikmin Bloom is a relaxing and peaceful game, although there are challenges that test your Pikmin’s power. Around the world exist mushrooms that can be attacked and destroyed, and you’ll receive goodies depending on how well you bring them down. Today, we’ll explore how to get more than one star in Pikmin Bloom!

How to get More Challenge Stars

Challenges are battles in Pikmin Bloom where you send a squad out to take down a bundle of mushrooms as fast as possible. You can get various rewards from these challenges, with better rewards waiting for you if you can get a high score and fast time.

Your challenge performance is rated on a 3-star basis. You’ll get one star for simply beating the challenge, but you can get up to three if you do it efficiently. There are several factors you need to keep in mind when tackling challenges, and they are:

  • Matching your squad’s color with the mushroom will reward you with more points. Say, for example, you’re going up against a red mushroom, a squad full of Red Pikmin will get you more points. If you have any Pikmin with Decor, they’re worth even more bonus points.
  • Each individual Pikmin’s friendship status will give you more points. Pikmin that have four hearts will award the most points.
  • The faster you take down the mushroom, the more points you’ll get. It’s easier to take down mushrooms quickly if you’re doing challenges with friends.

If you can get enough points and take down the mushroom quickly, you’ll receive up to two more stars. The exact point and time thresholds for getting more than one star are unknown at this point, and they seem to vary from challenge to challenge.

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To cover all your bases and ensure you have the best chance possible of getting more than one star, we recommend tackling challenges with friends and using Pikmin with high friendship that match the color of the mushroom.

With all these factors in mind, you should be able to start getting more stars in Pikmin Bloom’s challenges. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to get More than One Star in Pikmin Bloom


  1. There are new friends in my area that I can add to PikminBloom. Does that mean I will never get more than one star in a mushroom challenge?


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