How to Get More Rare Heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions


I still enjoy playing Marvel Contest of Champions, and I am sure that you do too. Hopefully, you’re playing better now if you have already read our Marvel Contest of Champions tips & tricks article, but there’s also one extremely important thing to talk about: getting more champions in Marvel Contest of Champions – and better, rare superheroes. I have decided that this topic deserves an article of its own, so here we are, trying to find out how to get rare champions in Marvel Contest of Champions for iPhone and iPad.

As you probably know already, the more stars your heroes have, the better their skills and stats. And even though class bonuses and penalties might come into play, it’s always better to have better characters. So let’s find out how to get the rare ones easily and as fast as possible!

1. Save up on Units
Units are the premium currency in the game and the more you have, the better your chances of getting a very rare champion in the game. However, getting them for free is not easy, so you should make sure that you only spend them where it matters. I would personally suggest saving up on them and only spend them on the Premium Hero Crystals and for that you need 100 Units. You can get two to 4 star champions from there, and you can unlock a few by completing the single player missions and saving the rewards for this.

2. Play in the Arena
Or the versus mode, as it’s named in the game. Of course, you have to win. If you win, you get Arena crystals that can be spent in the vault and you have a chance of winning a 4 star hero there. Also, you will win Battle Chips, which can be used for the same goal: win a good hero or even some free Units to try for a better hero. Basically, the Arena is right now the holy grail and the more you can play there with heroes that are as good as possible, the bigger your chances at some extra rare Heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions.

3. Buy the limited time offers
At the moment of writing this, you can get a 3-star Deadpool character, free units, ISO-8 crystals and Battle Chips as a limited time offer. The price is pretty decent in my opinion, but better offers might pop up in the future. Make sure to take advantage of them because they are certainly better that simply purchasing the Units alone.

4. Log in daily
This gives you a free chance to a better hero, so take advantage of it: daily you get a free crystal that can earn you a top hero and the more days you play in a row, the better your roster will be. If not, you at least get free selling material for some extra gold and XP points!

Right now, these are our recommended ways to getting more and better heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions. Do you have other strategies? Let us know by commenting below!

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How to Get More Rare Heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions


  1. Nice tipos! But is it better to Savé units to buy 5 chances to try to get a 4 stars hero or 100 UNITs and try 1 onde time with lower chance? Thanks

      • I have to dissagree the chances are not all the same. It depends on where you are with ranking your champions and where you are in the quest portion. The game is rigged to entice you to purchase special offers. Hard to explain. Do conserve your units. When the game gets percievably tough to go on without a 4 star, then buy that crystal(s). With arena crystals I’ve had the best luck with a 10 pack. (Earned by Playing 3vs3). I reciently opened a 4* punisher. I held off battling kang till I got one. Unless I just got lucky- but play around with taking time off when yr ranked up and come back and try for 1

  2. Paul what you need to do is click the arrow at the top of the screen and click champions then click one that you want to upgrade then once you have clicked the champion on the right there should be loads of catylists then you can click up to six of them once you have chosen six at the bottom it says how much it cost for you to upgrade it in gold and if you have got the right amount of gold to upgrade it click it the your champion will be upgraded and for you to get catylists you need to do missions or go to the arena

    Hope this helped you enjoy

  3. But what are the real chances of obtaining a 3 or 4 star, because I have tried for over 10 times on the 100$ cristals and about three times on the battle chips, and still.. I only have 2 star units. Is this just bad luck, or do you just have to pay. And honestly.. a terrible 17euro’s for one unit is way to overpriced!

  4. I really enjoy playing this game, even though it is a typical free to play experience: shortcuts cost you big. I am firmly convinced now that there is nothing “random” about the crystals. I have read other people describe similar experiences to myself: a crystal “landing” on a powerful character…and then miraculously moving over one slot to a regular one or two-star hero.

    Myself, I cannot stomach spending actual money ($5, $10, $20????) on a game like this, so the only way to move up is to grind.
    1) Using your free daily crystals, and premium crystals purchased for 100 units, slowly build up as many two star heroes as you can.
    2) Go back through old levels over and over again, building up Iso-8 to level up your two star heroes.
    3) Play the 3 vs 3 arena specials as often as possible to up your score. It doesn’t matter if you lose the multiplier bonus, just keep playing it until it is over, and you will win a three star hero.
    4) Keep doing that until you can start playing the 3 vs 3 Versus matches to win 4-star heroes. I have two three-star characters at the moment, and am working on my third. Once I have three, then I can start playing the 3 -star matches to grab some 4-star characters.

    Otherwise….you will have to spend real money. It sucks, but they didn’t spend all their time and money to create a FREE video game as a charity. The game exists to try and get us to spend money on in-app purchases. If I choose to be cheap and do it the free way, well…it’s going to cost me time instead of money.

    • Dawson with a very good talk, i’m doing that way and current get 8 combo of 2 star heroes and 5 of them are unlosable (level up 2 star heroes to rank 3). Currently i have 9 3-star heroes!

        • haha! So true. My thoughts exactly. I’ve been playing this game nonstop for over 2 months now. . . . way more than any $59.99 game i’ve bought on any console in ages! $5 is a small price to pay for an amazing (repetive maybe) game with so many playable characters. And just to add to anyone with iPhones… im sure in your life, you’ve paid more than $5 for games or apps on the phone itself.. and they didn’t give as much fun, value and sense of acomplishment this gives you.
          Im a 32 year old business banker by the way.. not a child.

        • Because the notion of “freemium” disgusts some of us.

          I’d rather drop $60-80 on an actual game than $5 on a quick, fun time waster like this.

        • Thats exactly how they want you to think, and then any time you get in a little tight spot in the game or start getting bored, you casually toss another $5…and then another. And another. and pretty soon you’ve spent s much as you would have on any “expensive” game from the store and possibly more then that depending on your playing habits. I bet ig you average out there sales of in app purchases across all people who have the game it would be well over $60 for each person.

          • Dude this game is way overpriced and getting worse. YouTube this game. I’ve seen videos where the “let’s play” crowd spend literally hundreds of dollars at a time on units and crystals just to make a good let’s play video and do all the content. Saw one where the guy spent, no lie, 400 real life dollars in one sitting just on crystals cause he wanted the limited time character in it for his video!

            I refuse to pay to simply not support this level of greed. The unit to real money ratio in this game is astronomical, but as long morons on YouTube keep feeding this greedy beast it’ll keep charging whatever it Damn well pleases and ripping people off with s**ty odds

  5. Tried following instructions on upgrade champion with gold on the iPad it won’t cash in? All that happens is a window pops up asking to sell or upgrade champ but that’s it

  6. Jack, you have to click on upgrade champion, then use iso-8 to upgrade. You will see it in the panel on the right side of the screen. Just click it to add it. when you’ve added the desired amount, hit the green button below and it will cost a certain amount of gold to do the upgrade.

  7. Jack You need gold and iso-8 to upgrade. Gold alone does nothing. I really wish you could cash it in for something. The farther you get in the game the more is accumulates. It’s the easiest resource to come by and an utter waste of programming. The only other use is getting into arenas, but I play those all the time and never run out of gold.

  8. I Have a 4 stars hero after using that 100 token thing. i only drawn twice and they r done on separate days. so less than 2wks in the game, i received a 4 stars hero and i didnt know its so rare until my friend told me. level 12. Heng till lao sai
    n i didnt spend any real $ on the game and neither am i active. i only play 2x in the day

  9. I spent over 300$ the most disappointing thing is i got just 3 3 star heroes, rest repeated or 2 star, its annoying every time i purchased i got same repeated hero.

    I am losing interest, as i wanted 3 4 star wolverine

  10. For me personally its about how much of my life I am willing to invest in “grinding” for units vs the cost of just buying some. With that said I will say that people shouldnt expect a 4* character just because they drop $100 on the game. I went through $60 worth of units & got two 3* and the rest 2*. My buddy dropped $100 & didn’t get a single 4*. So who knows… I just know I’m not willing to grind old levels for units.

    Also something to think about is that even If you do get a 4* you better have a ton of gold for leveling. My 4* cap is gonna take $50k to level from 2-3…ridiculous

  11. When youn play the arenas you always have gold. Even for leveling up a 4*. I always have more than 500k. The formula is play the arenasto get 3*s and unita drom the arena crystals, save the units to buy 3* crystals (400 units) or even 4* crystals (2500 units). I have 24 3*s from the arenas and some 3* crystals and i have 2 4*s one from opemimg premium crystals and one from a 4* crystal. It rook me 7 eeks to save up the units for the 4* crystal. And it takes about

  12. When youn play the arenas you always have gold. Even for leveling up a 4*. I always have more than 500k. The formula is play the arenasto get 3*s and units from the arena crystals, save the units to buy 3* crystals (400 units) or even 4* crystals (2500 units). I have 24 3*s from the arenas and some 3* crystals and i have 2 4*s one from opemimg premium crystals and one from a 4* crystal. It took me 7 weeks to save up the units for the 4* crystal. And it takes me 7 to 10 days to save for a 3* crystal
    I always open the arena crystals 10 at a time. I get from 15 to 150 units each time And I open 50 to 60 arena crystals every week. Zero real money.

  13. ^ yes its true, buy if some of you just play this game spend unit at leats 500 units and then buy premium crystal 5 premium crystal package. I got some lucky in first time, i got 3 3* hero from 3 times bought 5 premium crystal package. Till your 2* hero more than 5 teams try upgrade them to rank 3 level 1 is enough to stay in 3v3 arena i got 53 streak. While spend unit. Dont buy premium crystal to much just wait for offer 3* or 4* to pop up. This worth than u grinding in premium crystal, who almost give only 2* hero

  14. Im just really stuck. I dont have enough two stars or time to compete in the 3 star arenas, the best i did was 30,000 and my heroes aren’t good enoug to complete quests for units. I max out quest missions as i go so I can only do the quest at hand. The Ultron Quest is too hard so i cant cash a three star and I’m not good enough to get the catalysts I need. I need some SERIOUS luck.

  15. chances definitely improve after you have played through the arena. If you have a higher win streak it seams to unlock 3 stars more often. I have gotten into the habit of playing through arena and then opening my daily or premium crystals. I have been awarded 5 -3star champions this way. Seems to pay off.

  16. I got a 4 star hero when I was level 14 and I got 8 3* heroes and I’m level 29 and I have 30 2 star heroes and haven’t payed real money, try to do the quest or help the allaince out on events to get crystals. I had got the limited avengers crystal and got a 4 * captian america. Listen to my advice

  17. I’ve been playing for 4 months…I have zero 4-star, 19 3-star and 31 2-star.

    I’m dying for a 4 star!!! Have saved up 3200 units and just waiting for that 4 star offer…I hope I don’t get a Sh!t one

  18. Save 100 unit are good but do not buy premium hero crystal you wait or save units to make 150 or 175 unit that are used to buy are better crystal that is shown when a new event starts,a offer to buy a crystal for limited time because this have higher chance to get a three or four star hero,in premium hero crystals there are few of four star and three stars champions that is very difficult to get them in limited time offer crystals you have higher chance to get 3or4 star hero..……….

  19. I’m a non payer, Currently with 3 4* (1dup) and 28 3*(Almost all dup) been playing for slightly more than a month. Basically here’s what I do:

    Collect prem crystals, save units for pop up offer. Then during event, open in bulk (No spinning crystals), option to buy 3/4* option pops up, use units buy. Rinse n repeat.

    Collect prem crystals by:
    1) Arena milestones
    2) Alliance event milestones.

    Collect units by:
    1) Arena crystals (My best drop was 150 units in 10 crystals open in bulk again)
    2) Arena milestones
    3) Alliance event milestones

    As you can see, a good active alliance gives u on average extra 10 perms and 100-150 units a week (That’s what my 500k alliance is getting). In 1mil to 2mil alliances, activeness of all members can actually get them to global rankings whereby they get 4* as prizes.

  20. Dawson, you are a think tank, you weigh the pro’s and con’s and come out with my girlfriends weight(oooops, just kidding).I am agreement with you, lets hit the makers where it counts, their pocketbooks. I’ll b adopting this type of mindset unless it’s just to good to pass up. A toast to Dawson!

  21. Spent 10 usd just to see if there is a difference. No difference just work hard. Before i spent money i havd 27 3* now i have 2 4* and 29 3 stars by battling in the arena and saving units. The 10 usd made no difference though. My first 4 star came from premium shards and the 2nd 4 star from exploring the Thanos Saga

  22. Mutant mayhem is refusing to give me a catalyst, which I need to rank up my 3* Deadpool that I spent $10.00 on. He is a good champion, but after looking at many stats, I believe that champion stats are reandomized to a point. I have seen two of the same champion with the same level, but one had a higher ranking. Be careful with the In-App purchases, you may get a Deadpool or Hulk with mediocre stats. However, when I bought Deadpool, I drew a 3* Black Panther with good stats from the crystals he came with. I highly recommend waiting to fight in arenas until you have amassed a large number of champions. Get at least 10 2* teams before fighting for the 3* event.

  23. Been playing for one week now—am at level 18 at the moment.

    – First day I got a 3-star Iron Patriot (still haven’t fought another one of these yet) from the crystal that gives 2* to 4* superheroes.

    – Second day I got a 3-star Electro from the daily free crystal

    – Since then, have not gotten any more 3-star heroes, just a bunch of two-star heroes even though I play a lot to get crystals (though I think I’ve hit a 2-star Punisher at least three times now).

    And I don’t think I’ll ever pay for the booster packs. I can afford it, but I would not feel like I’m ‘earning’ it.

  24. You can get 4 * heroes and it worked for me very well. I have total 3 four star heroes without paying a single penny.
    The secret is ranked rewards. You can find ranked rewards either through alliance events or quests, and through daily quests and arena battles. Most of the ranked rewards give you 4 star crystal shards. To qualify you need to score above certain points. If you manage to score good for ranked rewards generally you can get easliy 200 4* crystal shards. All d best.

  25. So here’s a tip. Spend a few hundred bucks (only if you can afford), then call apple and tell them your kid bought the purchases unknowingly to you. Only works once on each account (it will work more if your creative). Spend the money all at once and go for that amount in refund. It’s never not worked for me and have received over $7,000 refund.

  26. The best way to get good 4* champs is when u first download the game is to compete in arena and get the best possible score u can and collect them this way. As you play for longer you go up in arena ranks so it makes it harder to get these champs so when this happens the best thing to do is to save all your crystal shards and collect 5 crystals at a time this boosts the chances of a 4* from premium crystals. Do not listen to the people that say to spend your units on xarachters this is not what they are for save all your units for yous masteries as you will need them later in the game to achieve better champs in arena and in the campaign mode hope this helps

  27. premium crystals and 3* crystals are easy to get with shards and i spend $100 on all father odins vault and got 10 4* champs, so purchasing might make a difference.

  28. also save your old 2 and 1 stars I just kept on getting them and selling them off but eventually someone told me thst if you save your bad characters you have a better chance of getting good characters.

  29. I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half now. Not once have I spent a single cent. Wanna know how well I’ve done?

    Level 51, 128 heroes, a rating of 96,000, 25 four star heroes (4 of which are duped), 1 five star hero, and I’m the leader of an alliance with a rating of 1.7 million. I think that’s proof that there’s no need to spend money on the game. I agree, it’s a great game, but money can be spent elsewhere and it will be much more worth it.

    Here are some things I’ve learned in the game:

    1. Don’t sell champions. For any reason, ever. Even at this point, I still have my one star champs. They can always be used to get a quick battle crystal from the arena.
    2. Explore everything. Story quests, event quests, any quest you go on. Explore it. It may take awhile, but the rewards in the long run are well worth it.
    3. Find yourself an alliance, and stick with them. Don’t waste time creating one.
    4. Only participate in arenas if you know you’re gonna spend a lot of time playing the game. It usually takes over a million points to get the character advertised in that arena. It’s fine to play for the crystals, but if you want the character, you need a lot of champs, and a lot of time.
    5. And lastly, when you go into a fight, don’t play your champion. Play your opponent. Make sense? Let me elaborate. You need to know your enemy. Don’t send in your strongest guy, if that enemy has perks that can hand his butt to him. Just pay attention to the champ you’re fighting. If you’re gonna fight Colossus, don’t send in Wolverine. Colossus won’t bleed. Send in Spider-Man or Iron Man so they can punch through his armor.

    Hopefully those tips help you out!


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