How to Get More Keys in FarmVille 3? – Tips and Cheats


Sometimes, you’ll come across rare chests when you’re clearing out your farm in FarmVille 3. These chests will often times have valuable decorations and resources in them, but they require special keys to unlock. Today, we’ll show you how to get more keys in FarmVille 3!

How to Get More Keys

Keys come in three different flavors: bronze, silver, and gold, with gold keys being the rarest. Keys are required to open the special chests that randomly appear when you clear out debris on your farm, like Currency and Decoration Chests. You’ll need more gold and silver keys to open the better chests.

The main method of acquiring more keys is to complete Exotic Animal quests. Make sure to train up your Exotic Animals and send them out on quests before your quest energy caps out—you don’t want to waste that energy since it takes so long to regenerate. Remember that Elixirs give more experience to Exotic Animals that match their biome.

Alternatively, you can also get keys from completing story and daily tasks, as well as Sky Races. You’ll get a few keys out of these chests, so it’s something to work towards when you’re out of quest energy.

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What you should spend keys on is entirely up to you. If you’re interested in sprucing up your farm to make it look nicer, you can unlock the Decoration Chests. If you’re more interested in progressing through the game, unlock the Currency Chests to get lots of coins and gems.

Those are all the ways to get more keys in FarmVille 3. If you have any other methods you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get More Keys in FarmVille 3? – Tips and Cheats


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