How to Sell Items in FarmVille 3


During the early stages of FarmVille 3, you’re likely eager to keep all your production buildings up and running at all times. Your barn is going to fill up with items quickly, so today we’ll show you how to sell items in FarmVille 3!

How to Sell Items in FarmVille 3

Selling items in FarmVille 3 is super easy! There are two ways to sell items: through the Order Board or by manual selling. You should prioritize selling items through the Order Board first at the start of a new day, as you earn more coins, and you also fill up the Order Board reward meter.

The Order Board will have up to nine orders at a time. Tap on any of the order sheets to see what you need—if you see a green checkmark, you have items necessary for that order! Tap the Deliver button to send the order off and receive coins to fill up your reward meter. Once your reward meter fills up all the way, you’ll receive a free animal! The meter will reset, and you can fill it up again up to five times a day, with rarer animals waiting for you at the final box.

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Once you’re done fulfilling orders, and you still have items to get rid of, you can start manually selling them. To do this, simply tap on the Barn icon in the bottom right corner to open your inventory. You can switch between the Barn and Silo tabs, which hold your goods and crops, respectively.

Tap on any of your items and then the Sell button to finalize the sale. You can see how much each item goes for, and it’s usually less than using the Order Board. Despite this, selling items manually is a great way to earn a quick buck or to free up storage space.

And that’s it—now you know how to sell items in FarmVille 3. We told you it’s simple! Now get out there and live your best farm life. If you have any other tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Sell Items in FarmVille 3


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