Gold is the premium currency in The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock and I am sure that you want to know how to get more gold in the game, and how to get it for free. I am here to share exactly that with you with a dedicated article, even though we have already touched the subject slightly in our The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock cheats and tips article.

But it’s time to get more into detail with step by step information on what to do to get more free gold in The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock – and fortunately there are a bunch of ways to do it!

1. Complete missions
Some of the missions reward you with Gold when you complete them. So simply be active and complete the missions and you’ll get your free gold!

2. Watch video ads & complete offers
Tap the plus icon near the gold indicator in the upper right side of the screen and you will have the option to purchase gold. Under the offers, you have the option to watch an ad for 1 free gold or complete various offers for some extra gold. Check them all out and get the maximum amount of gold that you can get this way.

3. Log in to Facebook
If you connect your game to your Facebook account, you will instantly receive 50 Gold coins. That’s a nice offer!

4. Complete achievements
You can access the achievements by tapping the Bedrock sign in the city view and check them out. See the requirements and complete these achievements in order to get some extra free gold in the game.

5. Visit neighbors
When you do so, you have the chance to find bags that contain gold pieces. You have to spend 5 to open the bag, but you will find 10 inside, so you’re still making a profit!

6. Purchase gold
I know that this doesn’t go with the “free gold” thing too well since you have to spend money, but if you decide to spend money on the larger packages, you will actually get more gold than what you’d get from purchasing multiple smaller packages. So plan ahead a little bit, hold onto your money and instead making a few smaller purchase, make just one per month but of a greater value. This way you get more gold!

And these would be for now our methods for getting more gold in The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock. If you find others, let us know by commenting below.


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